Monday, September 29, 2008


This was a wild shoot! We started with Savannah and her mom in the studio and I quickly realized this was going to be a different type of Senior Session! Savannah's smile and attitude are infectious and we had a great time. She is a hard girl to keep up with and by the time we were finished about 4 or 5 hours later I was dead tired! She had her friend, Stephanie, show up for some photos too. Those two together are something out! I have a lot of photos to edit now...after deleting some obvious throw-aways I still have over 900 photos to go over!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cody...Back to the Country

Cody was a fun Senior photo shoot. He is a country man through and through and wanted to get out to his property with his animals. He raised the Hamilton County 4H Fair Reserve Champion hog and I got to meet her. Kind of like old home day for me since in my previous life as a corporate photographer I worked for a company that dealt with animal health and spent a lot of time around hog operations. I enjoy being with animals and we spent time with his dogs also. It was nice to go out to their property away from town and hear nothing but the sounds of the countryside.

Friday, September 26, 2008


We shot a lot of photos with Andrea for her Senior Photo Shoot. We were indoors and out in a lot of different locations. Her mom came along and even helped hold reflectors and diffusers! The weather was great and we got a lot of walking in!

Ava and Mason...

What a couple of fun kids to shoot! They came in the studio with smiles and ready to go and had a lot of fun! These photos are some composites that I put together of there visit with some different effects in the photos...

I can't wait to shoot more of these kids as they grow up!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We have added some new Sheridan Rec League action soccer photos to the site today. Go check them out! We also added the Sheridan High School Girls Varsity Volleyball game with Lapel. We were only there for a few minutes but got some quick shots to put up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have people ask me where we are located. Right on Main Street in the south part of the old Ben Franklin. Your parents would know where that was if you are a high schooler! We are just south of 3rd and Main on the east side of the road and have a flashing Photo Studio sign over the door. We know these buildings have been vacant for a long time and people are not used to seeing anything there in this block. We have fixed up this building and made it into a comfortable studio to visit and work in. The front is the gallery and we invite you to stop by and visit.

Oh boy! It's a blog!

I have been wanting to have a blog for a little while to update friends and clients on what's going on with the studio. I have been so busy (thanks everybody!) that I have not had the time but I decided to "just do it" (sorry Nike). I tried to set up a blog thru my isp and found it to be terribly confusing. I found blogger .com and this looks so easy that I could actually keep it updated. The last thing I want to do is struggle to make something work right. This site makes this easy! Right now I am getting ready to move onto another clients editing job but thought I'd get this going. I will have more in a bit!