Sunday, July 24, 2011

California Dreamin' Hotel Del Coronado

The famous Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California is a sight to behold.  Just across the bridge from San Diego, the Hotel Del, as it is affectionately known, has been standing for over 120 years.  It is a grand resort where you could have everything you want without leaving the grounds.  But one would still have the pull of the great town of Coronado to visit or spending the day in the bustling and beautiful city of San Diego.   The Del has hosted 11 presidents, kings, princes, movie stars, sports stars and more.  Guests have included Babe Ruth, aviator Charles Lindbergh, and even Indiana's own President Benjamin Harrison in 1891.  It is a true pleasure to go to bed after a full day with the sea breeze and the ocean crashes over the breakers, especially for this land-locked flatland living photographer.  These are just a few of the shots of the Hotel Del.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grand Central Terminal & more

Grand Central Terminal is one of the great buildings in America.  Trains come from all over the area to go in underground this huge, beautiful station that is a pulsing hub of activity for the city. You've seen it in many, many movie and ads. But to be there really is great.  Think about it. How many transportation terminals in this country are actually a tourist attraction? Big, beautiful, historic and a must see when you are in the city.  Take a train or subway in, shop, eat and head out to the street.  A great way to spend the day.

 The basement of the Chrysler Building, a great example of Art Deco archeticture.  Even the basement is beautiful!
 One of the doorways in the Chrysler Building.

 New York Public Library, neo-classical perfection.

Monday, July 18, 2011

NYC, more shots from the hip...

More shots of New York City from the hip!

Street artist. Amazing talent trying to scratch out a living in the USA.

Rector Street Station

57th Street Station, NYC Subway

The Promise Brothers, Battery Park. An awesome street performer show.

Century 21 Building. Next to Ground Zero.