Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Joey and I got back together for outdoor shots to finish his senior photos. It only took a few months! He is a busy guy with sports, school and work! It's always a pleasure to deal with him because he is a great guy from a great family! Thanks Joey and good luck with what the future holds!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tom and Cathy..

Tom and Cathy took advantage of a small window of opportunity to get a photo with their two boys who were home from college for just a few hours before heading back out. We got them fit in between other appointments on a Saturday before we lost the chance! I think we all know how schedules are with kids and families nowadays. It doesn't matter if the kids are youngsters or young adults!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Morgan is a senior at Sheridan that came in for our Plus session. We shot in the studio, at the horse farm, her aunts house and her grandparents farm. We got a ton of great shots and Morgan did such a GREAT job! It was a blast running around the area with her and her mom! Here's a peak at some of her shots. Thanks Morgan!

A Family in the Fall...

Angie and Brian were in at the end of October and I now realized that I never put the photos on the blog. We went outside since it was a decent day and got some of the fall color with all the kids and had a fun time. This is just a sampling...Thanks Angie!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


A while back I posted some photos of AJ. We had the in-studio shots finished and delayed the outdoor shots due to rain. We finally met up again a few weeks later between AJ's schedule and mine and got some outside shots over at the soccer field. AJ was a team c0-captain along with two other great clients of mine, Ethan and Joey. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with us and we have to split the session up. There's no extra charge for shooting the local photos in two sittings when the weather is nasty. We can either reschedule the whole shoot or split it between the studio and outdoors. Most people opt to split. Just part of the flexibility of our laid-back, easy to get-along with studio!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Kyle is a senior at Sheridan High School and a multi-talented musician. He plays the drums, acoustic and electric guitars and the trombone. Heck, maybe even more that I don't even know about. We had a decent day to shoot, had some fun and got some cool shots. Thanks Kyle!


Adam is a 2010 senior from Clinton Central High School. He's a wrestler for the Bulldogs. Adam came in for some studio shots and we headed outdoors for a few also. He got an order that was tailered just to his and his families needs with just the right amount of enlargements and wallets. As always, no expensive packages to buy to get the shots you want! Thanks Adam!