Monday, January 19, 2009

New pup in the studio...

Wow, it has been since Christmas Eve that we posted on the blog here! After taking a couple weeks off for God, family, friends and renewal we came back to the studio and had a busy couple weeks! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season this year and haven't broken too many New Years resolutions already.

Starting tomorrow, Jan 20th, we will have a new visitor in the studio every now and then. His name is Bisbee (named after the southern Arizona town) and he is an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier. Bisbee came from the Pals for Paws rescue outside of Kokomo and he is ALL Jack Russell! I can see that he will be high spirited, full of energy and looking for trouble just like a Jack is suppossed to be.

Some of you know that we had a Jack Russell before. Her name was Chelsea and we had to put her down over the summer when she was 16 years old. She was Tucson's (also named after the Arizona city) buddy and he has been a little lost since she has passed. So now our Beagle has a buddy to hang with. Or so we hope. He is still getting used to having a little wad of pure muscle and attitude following him around the house but he is getting better every day. And he hasn't growled or snapped once at Bisbee.

Well anyway, Tucson will still be around just like always but every now and then we will have Bisbee in studio for the day too. Stop on by and say hi!