Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kayla! Our Clinton Central Rep!

Kayla is our Clinton Central rep for the Class of 2010! She is a very active girl who is running for the Clinton County Fair Queen in a week. I wish her the best of luck! She's also active in the FFA, 4H, sports and much more. Clinton Central isn't far at all from my studio and we are more than willing to travel to you! I'll be posting her music video soon so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Energy of Eli!

Ya gotta love a 4-year-old boys energy! Eli is no exception. He's a fun kid that keeps moving and asking questions. His mom thought it was time for some photos of him so we shot a high-key session on white for a fresh, clean look to go with his cool duds!

Meet Melanie...

Melanie comes to us by way of Frankfort High School! (Hey, it's not that far from Sheridan!) She will be a senior this coming year and is involved in 4H. We actually had some nice weather for a shoot for a change with no rain coming down on us! We had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Michael just graduated from Sheridan, while we took these before graduation I am just now getting around to updating the blog. We had a good time shooting these. After all, he has a Mustang GT and I used to also. Though mine was a few years ago. He just had his open house, sorry I was out of town. And all the other open houses I was invited to on graduation day, I wish I could have made those but my son had a soccer tournament in Carmel all day. Congrats again to all the 2009 High School Graduates!