Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Been busy lately with the usual agency stuff going on.  But one fun, different thing lately is opening a booth at a new business called Upscale Junk and Antiques.

This antique mall is quite different that the others around Indy.  It really is upscale!  Just walking in for the first time you realize it is a different establishment.   When I visited for the first time I saw a lady I knew from the camera shop over the years.  When we started talking she suggested that I get on the wait list for a booth to sell my work.

I immediately thought it was a great idea as I love retro and antique items and could sell both my work and antiques.  A space opened up in January and I was able to move in during the middle of the month.  It's been a blast.  And I love walking around the place every time I go in to see whats new.  You really need to visit!  It's located at 23478 US 31 North, Cicero IN 46034.  It's just south of 236th Street and US 31 on the west side of the highway.   Be sure to buy something from me at booth #31!!  But look all around because all the booths are top notch, this is not a flea market but a great place for interesting finds.   Interior decorators should love it.