Thursday, July 27, 2017

Updated website!

After 15 years with Yahoo! Small Business I have parted ways.  The company has become such a fiasco in management that it's a joke.

The final straw for me was when I had to change my password at Yahoo!'s suggestion due to the company being hacked.  I was unable to log into my email one day and Yahoo! said my account was secure and hadn't been hacked. I had been unable to login to my website management for a couple months.  When I would hit the button to change the password I was redirected to a blank page at  I would then login to Aabaco Small Business website (yet another connection to Yahoo!) and still could not change my password.  I looked for over an hour to try and figure that out and finally found a phone number that actually went to a human after many buttons being pressed on the phone.  The lady in India did not know what to do and told me to call AT&T to get a password reset.  The phone call with Yahoo! took an hour and five minutes for no resolution.

I call AT&T next and get connected to a lady again in India, except this time it sounds like she works at a daycare.  She had no idea what I was talking about with changing a Yahoo! password.  She kept asking me for my account number and I gave her my AT&T account number and then the Yahoo! Account number.  No go.  No idea.  She had no idea they were connected to Yahoo! and didn't know what to do.

I hung up in disgust and called GoDaddy to talk to them about transferring my domain.  I got a guy in Arizona that spoke English and was enthused about his job. He said any time I call, 24 hours a day, I would get somebody in Arizona or Iowa.  That was great news.  They got me transferred away from Yahoo! and set up with my same domain and email and everything.  I called them several times for tips and questions that I had and each time they were extremely helpful.  And I can log in and everything works!

Good riddance Yahoo! I understand why your business is going down the tubes after all these years.

So now the website got a refresh and I am still working on the galleries but have been very happy with GoDaddy and everything they have done to help me.