Monday, May 7, 2012

Sylvan Springs, Endangered Historic Landmark

Sylvan Springs is an old, abandoned, Neo-classical, sanitarium just outside of Rome City, Indiana that is on the Indiana Landmarks 10 Most Endangered List again this year.  It's a beautiful property that got it's start as a place to go for people with several afflictions including tuberculosis.  Catholic nuns took over the property in 1910 and ran it as a spiritual health spa based on the water from the springs.  Indeed, even today you can still see some remnants of that use with the wells and outdoor bathing tubs.  The nuns would advocate nutrition, exercise, herbal remedies and the spring water treatments to heal the sufferers.

Over time the sanitarium was expanded to 248 guest rooms and much more.  It had a working farm and it's own coal powerhouse which still stands.  The nuns sold the property in 1976 to The Way International, which many people consider a cult.  You can do your own search on that and read the stories about The Way.

So now Sylvan Springs sits idle but not forgotten.  Indiana Landmarks is trying to sell the property.  Word amongst the locals in the area is that there is some interest but it's going to take a lot of money to buy and restore.  But what an opportunity for the right buyer. Hotel, Bed and breakfast, college, private school?